Best Places To Go For Whale Watching In Australia

Best Places To Go For Whale Watching In Australia

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, a marine expert, an adrenaline junkie or just basically anyone who wishes to see a whale once in their life, you will be happy to discover there are countless places in Australia where you can witness whale watching tours sydney. With a coastline that is spreading to 11,000 beaches, the country exposes the people towards a great sight of the magnificent mammal turning, twisting and spitting a water splash through their blowholes. It is a sight, a once in a lifetime experience, you do not want to miss if you are in Australia. Here are a few places you can observe the phenomenon.

Hervey bay

This whale watching spot has got to be the most popular of all spots. It is referred to as the final destination for the humpback whales as they travel through the humpback highway. The highway is so named because tens of thousands of these specific whales travel from the cold, freezing seas of the Antarctic to the sublime warm waters of the coastline surrounding Australia. This happens every year as they find shelter and a breeding area in the sandy islands of Fraser.

Near Hobart

Near hobart, there are numerous spots that are famous for this particular reason. The legend has that people could not sleep due to the noise created by whales at night. You might not live the legend but you can see humpback whales and southern right whales in the great oyster bay. If you wish to see whales from the shore, henry bay is a great spot where people even see whales birthing whilst traveling to their breeding areas.


This place was primarily referred to as the whale station. But now, because of so much popularity and exploration, the place has transitioned into a whale world museum. It is a great interactive experience conserved to provide tourists with a creative sense of exploration of whales while also providing a learning experience. It is situated in Perth where the humpbacks, southern right and some blue whales often spend their time in the sea. Perth offers the tourists and locals with the longest whale watching seasons as these whales spend the second half of the year in these cold waters. You might also find killer whales if you are lucky in the months of February and April.

Great Ocean Road

The great ocean road is one of the most magnificent natural wonders of Australia and remains to be a popular travel destination because of its beauty. But the whales splashing their way into the sea magnifies the beauty of the ocean road twice. You can witness the whale watching phenomenon during the month of June and August, east to Portland.

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